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Counselor – Certified Mediator – Collaborative Law Allied Professional – Lehigh Valley – Easton, PA
Pracheta Trivedi, M.Ed., LPC

Getting started is simple. You may have questions and I am happy to answer them. Below, please find answers to regularly asked questions.

An expertly trained mediator, or neutral professional, helps resolve common and uncommon familial issues. It could range from communication between members to child arrangement, otherwise known as custody. Mediation and counseling are different; the mediation style and approach is more focused on a resolution rather than on fixing underlying issues and exploring emotions and feelings.

All therapists are bound by the law and a code of ethics to keep all information confidential. I only disclose information with proper and appropriate consent or with legal or ethical justification. For example, threatening to harm oneself or threatening to harm others are exceptions to the confidentiality code of ethics.

The purpose of our first appointment is to better understand your concerns and get to know and feel comfortable with each other. After the first appointment, you can decide if you would like to set up recurring weekly sessions.

Children over 14 are considered adults under most mental health laws and have the right of privacy and confidentiality. They can initiate or end treatment, make decisions regarding medication and decide who will have their information. If your child is under the age of 14, I will share with you what I feel is beneficial.

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